RV Insurance

Our state has some of the most scenic regions for recreational vehicles (RVs). Breath-taking landscapes, big skies, and wide-open highways await you, especially during the summer. The prospects of adventure look as boundless as the sky, but a small problem can change everything if you lack the perfect RV insurance cover.

Coverage for Your RV

RV insurance is similar to auto insurance but has features that apply to rv owners. A great rv insurance has the following:

  • Liability insurance to cater for medical expenses linked to property damage and accidents.
  • A collision coverage that pays for crash-related damage to your rv if you are accountable for the accident.
  • Uninsured/ underinsured cover to protect you against damages caused by a reckless driver.
  • Roadside assistance to help you if you encounter a breakdown.
  • Comprehensive cover to secure you against non-accident-related damages to your recreational vehicle.
  • A personal effect cover for insuring belongings in the recreational vehicle.
  • Vacation liability for recreational vehicles used as a temporary residence.

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Towing & Roadside Assistance

Risk Factor

Dealing with mechanical issues or other damages requiring RV repair can be costly. Without adequate coverage you can stranded without assistance leaving you and your family at risk.


It is vital that you ensure that your policies are adequate and will cover any towing or roadside assistance that you may need. 

Underinsured or Uninsured Motorists

Risk Factor

Protect your families financial investment and your liability from underinsured drivers on the road. Accidents happen and having to cover the costs on your own can add up quickly. 


Select a policy that covers your costs and deductible should the worst happen. 

Windshield Coverage

Risk Factor

The cost to replace a cracked or chipped windshield on a RV can be very expensive. 


Coverage that provides for specialty glass replacement on-site can save time and money while you are on the road exploring. 

Replacement Costs

Risk Factor

It is likely that your RV was one of the larger investments you have made for your family over the years. Losing your camper or RV will cost you dearly to replace. 


Be sure to check your RV replacement coverage and understand what is included before heading out on the road. You can save yourself heart and headache by insuring your RV bumper to bumper. 

Enhanced Property Coverage

Risk Factor

Nothing can ruin a family RV vacation like stolen or damaged property. Replacing camping equipment isn't cheap or convenient while on the road. 


Unexpected expenses related to property loss such as stolen chairs, grills, entertainment or bicycles can end a trip fast. Having a safety net is important so you can enjoy your vacation. 

Click the hotspots on the map & view risk factors & solutions.

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