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You have plenty of treasured items in your house, including clothes, electronics, and sports gear. Like any other renter, you want to feel confident that everything you have worked hard to buy is secure. Let us help you find a cover option that secures you, your family, and your personal property.

Depending on where you live, and the conditions of your lease, you may be required to carry a certain level of comprehensive renters insurance to cover any temporary relocation expenses, repairs, and replacement of possessions. 

At Giddings Agencies we have renters insurance coverage for you and your loved ones no matter the size of your rental home or the amount of property you need to insure. Have questions about what you should have covered in your policy? We understand that it can be confusing so we encourage you to reach out via our contact forms, email or call us. 

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Rental Property Liability

Risk Factor

In the event that you leak water or accidentally set a fire in your apartment or dwelling, you may be liable for the damage done to it.


Ensure your policy includes legal liability coverage for your tenants or premises liability coverage for your business. This type of insurance protection may be required by your landlord before you are allowed to rent the property.

Additional Living Expenses

Risk Factor

During the period during which your apartment or home is being repaired, you may need to move somewhere else if you suffer a loss due to a covered peril under your renters insurance policy. In addition to being expensive, this can be inconvenient as well.


Make sure you have additional coverage for living expenses in your insurance policy. This coverage covers your living expenses in the event that you move out and rent another apartment or house. It may also cover additional moving and food costs if you need to move.

General Liability

Risk Factor

You are responsible for the safety of your guests while they enjoy your rental property. Should an individual get injured you will be liable. 


Liability insurance is necessary to protect you from claims of bodily injury or property damage that may arise, such as trips and falls. As well as protecting you against unintentional injuries and property damage, liability coverage can also serve as an insurance policy to protect you against lawsuits should you become legally liable for them.

Medical Expenses

Risk Factor

A guest may be required to pay for their medical expenses if they are injured on your property.


It is important to make sure you have adequate insurance coverage for this risk. Medical bills can be submitted to your insurance company if a person is injured in your unit. You are usually covered for medical expenses without having to file a liability claim. Limits usually range from $1,000 to $5,000.

Limits & Exclusions

Risk Factor

The limits of coverage under renters insurance policies apply to some types of personal property. Limits vary depending on what caused the loss or damage as well as the type of property. Some items are not covered at all, such as collectables, exercise equipment, instruments, and vintage jewelry.


To ensure you'll have the money to replace your valuable possessions, take out a personal floater or schedule them.

Click the hotspots on the map & view risk factors & solutions.

What Does Renters Insurance Cover?

It covers personal property against damage or theft, and it is subject to the deductibles and limits you choose. The best policy is the one that first examines the total value coverage of your personal belongings. It guarantees that an insurance provider will reimburse you for the entire replacement expense of the stolen or damaged items without a depreciation deduction.

Protect Yourself and Your Visitors

A comprehensive renters insurance policy protects you, your family, and any visitors against certain types of property damage claims and bodily injury for which you can be held responsible. Also, we may offer legal expertise if you are sued following a covered loss. However, this is subject to the chosen limits. Additionally, you can select medical payments coverage that reimburses for the medical charges suffered by a visitor injured at your premises irrespective of fault.


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