Earthquake Insurance

Even if you live in regions that get infrequent earthquakes, it is advisable to have earthquake insurance. It is worth noting that earthquakes have been experienced in 39 states. You need to purchase a separate policy to cover earthquakes because most homes, renters, and condo insurance covers don’t cover earthquake damages.

What is Covered by an Earthquake Insurance Policy?

It offers coverage if an earthquake destroys your house. An earthquake cover typically dismisses losses or damages from tidal waves and floods, even if they result from an earthquake. Nevertheless, your belongings are catered for if destruction occurs due to a mudflow, landslide, settlement, sinking, contracting, or earth rising.

Questions About Earthquake Insurance?

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Your Home

Risk Factor

Your home is where you live life with your loved ones. Losing it would could cost you more than you know.


It is vital that you ensure that your policies are adequate and will cover your losses & liabilities should the unthinkable happen. A solid homeowners policy should cover you from foundation to roof, as well as any potential property issues.

Medical Expenses

Risk Factor

It is possible that you may be required to pay any medical expenses incurred by a guest while on your property, even if it is caused by a friendly game of baseball.


Medical expenses coverage should be included in your homeowners policy to cover minor injuries and treatments. Having your own insurance coverage allows you to claim injury-related medical expenses in the event a person is injured on your property. A liability claim is usually not necessary to pay for medical expenses.

Fire & Smoke Damage

Risk Factor

As prepared as we may be for some events, fire is almost always devastating. The cost of temporary housing, replacement of possessions, and home repairs can be financially draining. 


Replacement cost coverage without a cap should be included in your homeowners policy. If the reconstruction costs exceed your current coverage limit, you are protected. You should also ensure that your homeowners insurance covers the cost of rebuilding your house. Eventually, local building codes and ordinances may change, which could increase costs.

Personal Liability

Risk Factor

Your family and you may be responsible for injuries resulting from a slip and fall on your property.


In the event that you are deemed negligent in an incident resulting in an injury or damage to a third party, your homeowners policy includes personal liability coverage. To protect your assets against a lawsuit, you may wish to consider purchasing an umbrella or excess liability policy.

Personal Property / Damaged Property

Risk Factor

In the event of an unexpected event causing damage to your home, your personal property is also at risk. It is also possible to damage or destroy personal items such as furniture, appliances, clothing, electronics, and other items.


The contents of your home as well as other personal items that are in your home or owned by family members are often covered by homeowners insurance. Replacement cost coverage should be included in your homeowners policy so that you will always receive the full amount to replace damaged personal property.

Water Damage

Risk Factor

It is water damage that causes the most loss to a home, whether it enters from outside or from within your plumbing system. In many policies, losses due to backups of sewers or drains are not covered, and flood damage is not covered by most unendorsed homeowner policies.


The best way to prevent water damage to your home and belongings is to conduct a careful review. Insurers should provide coverage that includes sewer and drain backups. Assess whether you can prevent flood damage by identifying cost-effective solutions.

Umbrella/Excess Liability Coverage

Risk Factor

Having a backyard pool is a great way for guests to enjoy your outside spaces, however sometimes the unexpected happens and injury occurs. 

When this happens it can lead to unexpected legal expenses and heavy financial liability. Have you considered the monies required to cover such an event? 


Your personal liability limits are increased by adding an umbrella or excess liability policy over and above your current auto, boat, or homeowner's policy-providing you with real financial value and priceless peace of mind. A homeowners policy endorsement or separate coverage for excess liability is available.

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