Condo Insurance

Condo insurance is unique, and it covers your liability, property, and other alterations, additions, and enhancements you might make on the condominium, depending on the condo association agreement.

Also, an optional loss assessment coverage is given to secure you against special assessments that the association might levy. Supposing you vacate your condominium following a covered loss. In that case, you will be compensated for the extra living costs.

At Giddings Agencies we have condo insurance policies for you and your loved ones. Contact us for more information.

Why Get A Condo Insurance Policy

It protects you and your family against property damage liability claims, bodily injury, and lawsuits that may result subject to the chosen limits. Besides, you can select a medical payment policy that caters to medical expenses incurred by your guests.

Protect Yourself and Your Visitors

A comprehensive condo insurance policy will work hard to protect you, your family, and visitors when property damage claims or bodily injury occurs for which you might be held accountable. Also, we may offer legal expertise if you are sued following a covered loss.

This is always subject to your chosen condo policy limits. Additionally, you can select medical payments coverage that reimburses for the medical charges suffered by a visitor injured at your premises irrespective of fault.


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Personal Liability

Risk Factor

As a host, you are responsible for any injuries or damages caused to other units on your property or by guests in your unit.


In both intentional and unintentional negligence claims, you should have protection against claims made against you. The damage you suffer may result in damage to other units in the building, either as a result of a leak in your apartment or in another manner.


Risk Factor

Your condominium could be subject to damage if you make any improvements, alterations, or additions. You do, however, need to ensure that they are adequately covered.


A unit should be insured for any improvement, alteration, or addition made to it. There are many items included in this category, including kitchen cabinetry, built-ins on walls, floor coverings, any wallpaper or paint, bathroom updates, hardwoods, and tiles.

Loss Assessment

The owner or association of your building may ask you to contribute to the loss if they lack sufficient insurance coverage.


Protect yourself from loss assessments caused by liability or property damage by purchasing loss assessment coverage. You may be able to choose from a range of limits.

Additional Living Expenses

Risk Factor

When your unit is damaged by a fire, storm, or other event, you may need to live in a temporary residence, resulting in additional living expenses.


If you need to live somewhere else for a while, make sure you have the right coverage. During the repair or reconstruction of your residence, your insurance will usually pay for hotels, restaurant meals, and other living expenses.

Physical Damage

Risk Factor

There are many ways in which physical damage can occur. For instance, imagine that in the utility closet a fire breaks out unexpectedly and consumes the entire building.


It is essential that condominium owners, associations, or corporations carry comprehensive insurance in order to cover the risk of physical damage. There are various types of insurance policies, ranging from those covering just the shell of a building to those covering things like floors and walls.

Medical Expenses

Risk Factor

Medical expenses may be your responsibility if a guest gets injured on your property.


Insure yourself against this risk. Medical bills can be submitted to your 

insurance company if a person is injured in your unit. With typical limits ranging from $1K to $5K, medical expenses are typically covered without a liability claim.

Click the hotspots on the map & view risk factors & solutions.

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